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Hyper accelerate brand's growth with performance marketing!

A growth hacking agency that infuses creativity and passion into its strategies.

Yegital Performance Marketing Growth

Yegital- fuel to your
Digital growth

We Plan. We Strategize. We Execute. We Deliver.

Growth is INEVITABLE with Yegital. We help the renowned brand achieve tangible and sustainable growth
with performance driven digital marketing


Unlock the floodgates of organic traffic without breaking the bank. SEO is the only option that drives quality visitors without spending continuous money on advertisement. Yegital is a pioneer in SEO service. Our proven and sustainable SEO service will ensure a floodgate of traffic. Your search for the best search engine optimization ends here.

  • Website structure analysis
  • Technical SEO
  • Content Planning
  • Quality Link Building
Yegital SEO
Performance Marketing

Performance marketing

A strategy where you save extensive costs and resources spent on marketing. In performance marketing, you pay only for the desired results. We help you achieve strong metrics that involve a reduced CTR and deliver higher ROAS. While your profit skyrockets, you will witness a strategic penetration in the market resulting in wider reach and bigger profit.

  • Customer acquisition
  • Traceable and measurable
  • Payments per result
Performance Marketing Yegital
Yegital Digital Mareting Tab
Digital Marketing

Revolutionizing your digital presence

Digital marketing hedges a variety of aspects that boost a business’s digital presence. We deploy marketing strategies that work best for your business. This comes with the assurance of connecting better with your online audience.

  • Optimization on search engines
  • Communication through emails
  • Social media visibility and engagement
  • Significant increase in ROI
  • Maximize LTV to retain customers
Yegital Lead Generation Tab
Lead Generation

Transforming online viewers into paying clients

Lead generation strategy effectively saves time by being directed toward attracting potential customers. Our strategies are focused on ensuring that qualified leads convert to buyers. You will notice an increase in leads in your sales pipeline.

  • Accelerated sales
  • Attracts only qualified leads
  • Creates a personal touch
  • Expand client network
Yegital Email Marketing Tab
Email Marketing

Build value and reach out to a large mass

Email marketing saves resources and is not labor intensive. This makes it versatile for businesses of all kinds. However, it delivers a commendable return on investment and increases brand value.

  • Measurable results
  • Optimum use of resources
  • Delivers in-depth information
  • Expands client network
Yegital Social Media Tab
Social Media Marketing

Refreshing strategies to boost social presence

We leverage social media platforms to shape your brand image. Our seasoned professionals create robust strategies that are customized as per your business needs. These creative campaigns develop your social media platform while attracting the audience and encouraging engagement. We aim at creating a permanent place in the minds of consumers through effective branding.

  • Targeted exposure
  • Delivers better ROI
  • Boosts sales
  • Brand awareness
  • Increases engagement
360° Approach

We build Progressive
brands fueled by exponential growth.

We work B2B and B2C partners focused on being the best in the business


Our process starts by analyzing the obstacles faced by you. This helps us craft the perfect marketing plan for you to boost your brand presence.


Our marketing KPIs are ROI-driven and backed by in-depth research. We keep you updated on the project’s traffic, conversions, revenue, and other important KPIs.


We delineate tactics to achieve your mission and grow your business tremendously. We revise and improve the strategy whenever required to adjust tactics with the competitor’s latest strategy.

Unmatched support

We always keep you informed about your project with a committed and on-time report. We are available whenever you need us to provide assistance or information about your project.

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Mr. Vinit Kundu

“The most impressive about the company is that everything is always on point and as promised.“
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Mr. Vinit Kundu

“Overall, the agency's communication, methodology, and work quality were very good.“
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Mr. Sandeepsingh Sisodiya

Mr. Sandeepsingh Sisodiya

“With outstanding SEO knowledge, their deliveries were on time, as mentioned.“
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Mr. Rahul Jain

Why Yegital?

Yegital- your success partner

At Yegital, we have mastered the art of success. We have helped small businesses to mammoth to thrive and sustain an online business. With Yegital, success is inevitable.

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At Yegital, we walk hand-in-hand with the latest technology and keep our toolkit updated. This approach helps is in maximizing productivity while elevating growth. We put over 70+ types of tools for SEO, design, analytics, reporting and productivity into use for delivering the best results.

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Google Sheets

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Google Analytics

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Our client’s websites are featured on some of
the best portals in the world

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Yegital has over 11 years of expertise in scaling up leading brands.


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Want to know more (FAQ)?

Let us help you with some of the most frequently asked questions

Gone were the days of shooting arrows in the dark, hoping to hit a target. Digital marketing offered a lighthouse amidst the vast sea of consumers, guiding businesses toward their desired audience with pinpoint precision.  It is predicted that the spending on digital ads will increase by 10% to 15% annually over the next decade. Digital marketing helps businesses to have an online presence, promote long-term sustainable growth, and do lead generation.  Moreover, digital marketing became a bridge, connecting businesses of all sizes with consumers who thirsted for their offerings. So, the sooner you start, the earlier you get victory in this game.

We believe in Open and Honest Communication. Our team provides you with weekly updates and monthly reports for your projects. Weekly/daily updates can be provided via Slack or WhatsApp.  Reports are created using Google Slides and Looker Studio. Our clients get access to a Google Drive folder that has all the reports, master sheets, documents, and content data in it. Here is a glimpse of our client folder structure. SEO Client Folder Google Drive

Client_SEO Drive

Yegital focuses on all essential digital marketing KPIs like Conversion rate, CAC(Customer Acquisition Cost), ROI, Organic Traffic, CTR, Social media engagement rate, Email open rate, and Customer satisfaction. All KPIs follow the SMART methodology:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Timely
Also, we track all KPIs metrics to provide meaningful insights for the success of your project’s marketing initiatives. Google Analytics tracking is also done for all our client projects to monitor progress.

Yegital holds 7 years of expertise as the leading white label marketing agency globally. Our white label marketing services help in growing your client's business by expanding your service offerings without the need for in-house development, saving time and costs. We analyze several competitors in your domain, do reverse engineering of their marketing strategies, and devise a winning formula for your project growth.  Even, our team will pass all the research analysis and data to you. Once you make an informed decision about which digital channels to target for your client’s growth, we start working immediately.

Indeed! We fully support your autonomy in making decisions for your business. Yegital is incredibly assured, granting all clients the freedom to halt the project as early as the upcoming month if our performance falls short of their expectations. Note: We suggest allowing 3-6 months for project progression before taking action.

Absolutely, Yes! We feature case studies on our website to ignite inspiration in others. This practice further bolsters our assertion as the accomplished white label partner for all flourishing enterprises. You can find all of our showcased case studies at:  

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